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Paulson, Bernanke Defend $700 Billion Bailout
By: Staff
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke waged a stout defense on Capitol Hill Tuesday of their management of a $700 billion financial bailout just one week after the administration abandoned the original strategy behind the rescue.Updated from 3:25 a.m. EST By Jeannine Aversa Read more»
Bank Failures Take Holiday
By: Staff
The FDIC finally has no thrift or bank failures to announce on a Friday.A shocking bit of news on Friday came from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which didn't announce any bank or thrift closings, setting the agency up for its first weekend off in a month. Because we have no new failures to discuss this week, this is a good time to recap the 19 failures so far this year. Read more»
Learn if Your Bank is Undercapitalized
By: Staff
The bad news for banks just got worse, as the number of undercapitalized institutions rose last quarter.ome undercapitalized banks were nearly wiped out by securities losses springing from the government takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in September, which all but eliminated the value of the mortgage giants' preferred stock. Read more»
Make a Safe Investment With Brokered CDs
By: Staff
In a low interest-rate environment, brokered certificates of deposit look more attractive than your typical bank CD.In today's difficult times, finding a decent return and some safety in your cash investments isn't easy. Certificates of deposits can be an ideal vehicle because they're simple, safe and stable. They almost always offer better interest rates than savings accounts, and they're almost always backed by FDIC insurance. Read more»
NEW YORK (AP) _ Shares of national banks mostly fell Tuesday on more signs of weakness in the financial sector.American Express Co. won approval late Monday from the Federal Reserve to become a commercial bank as it looks for new ways to fund its business. The status will allow the credit card giant to accept deposits and permanently access government financing that's been used by other banks amid the credit crisis. Read more»
Credit Unions Dangle High-Rate CDs
By: Staff
Apparently, toaster giveaways are passé. Another knickknack is beckoning consumers to join financial institutions: high-rate CDs. A handful of credit unions are offering promotional short-term CD rates that exceed 7% annual percentage yield. It's quite a rate, given that secondary-market six-month CDs were selling at 3.2% recently. Read more»
How Safe Are Your CDs?
By: Staff
Suppose you had a lot of what I call "chicken money." That's money you can't afford to lose. It's money that belongs someplace really safe, like certificates of deposit at a bank, or perhaps in a money market account or T-bills. But depositing money at a bank isn't without risk, because the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. doesn't guarantee accounts over $100,000. Read more»
Three Places to Find Decent Yields
By: Staff
With short-term interest rates coming down, it's getting tougher and tougher for income investors to find a decent yield. Where can you go? Here are three ideas.   Read more»
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