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Extend Your Car's Life to Save Money
By: The Associated Press
DETROIT (AP) — Want to run your next car a little longer, without those unplanned repair bills? You're not alone. More Americans are trying to milk more miles from their jalopies, especially in an economy that's leaking jobs faster than a punctured oil pan. One strategy to consider is an extended warranty. Here's what your need to know.PLAN BEYOND 5 YEARS Read more»
Deal is Up: Chrysler, GM Cut Contracts
By: The Associated Press
DETROIT (AP) — A day after Chrysler LLC told a quarter of its dealers that it won't renew their contracts, owners of General Motors Corp. dealerships are in the same boat. Read more»
If you’re having trouble paying your monthly car note and can’t sell your car because you owe more than it’s worth, you are not alone. This recession has many Americans in just this exact situation. Some are now resorting to desperate measures to get rid of their vehicles if it gets repossessed, including insurance fraud. Read more»
There may never be a better time to buy a new car. With our shaky economy, many dealers are offering rock bottom prices, low or no interest financing, and job loss protection. Read more»
The Basics Behind Car Title Loans
By: Staff
If you are in need of quick cash, there is no shortage of high-interest loans available to you. Among these are car title loans, which offer immediate cash advances with your car title as collateral. Because the car title is used to secure the loan, no consideration is given to the credit worthiness of the borrower. Consequently, even those with the worst credit can qualify if they own a car. Read more»
Auto Suppliers Lobby for Federal Support
By: The Associated Press
WASHINGTON (AP) — Auto suppliers appealed to lawmakers Wednesday for federal support, warning that the U.S. supply base could buckle under from the declining fortunes of General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC. Read more»
With the average rate for a traditional five-year car loan around 7%, potential car buyers may feel they’re spinning their wheels. Read more»
By StaffWhen you buy or lease a new car, it always comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. This is a basic warranty that covers all of the car’s systems. The length of the warranty varies between manufacturers, but most automakers offer at least a three-year or 36,000 mile basic warranty. Read more»
Chrysler Offers Incentives to Counter Sales Slump
By: Staff
By Dan Strumpf -- AP Auto Writer NEW YORK (AP) — Chrysler said Wednesday it is offering up to $6,000 worth of incentives on its 2009 cars and trucks as it races to emerge from bankruptcy protection and counter a prolonged U.S. sales slump. Read more»
Buying a New Car? Deduct the Sales Tax!
By: Staff
By Staff If you are shopping for a new car, the federal government wants to give you some money. Read more»
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