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It once was a piece of shiny perfection, making its owner’s heart flutter. Now it’s a lady of a certain age, a well-used car spending more and more time at the shop. So, what should you do? You can keep fixing it, sell it to an individual, sell it to a used-car dealer, turn it in for a new vehicle or give it to charity. Read more»
By Jim Kuhnhenn, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation's 18,000 auto dealers are trying to cut themselves a deal in the Senate, seeking exemption from proposed consumer regulations that would police how they write car loans. The Obama administration is pushing back, using the Pentagon to make the case that soldiers are particularly vulnerable to high interest car loan schemes. Read more»
When it comes to investments, everyone knows the principle of buy low, sell high. But does it work with cars? The news is full of warnings about Toyota (Stock Quote: TM), which had a massive recall over a sticky gas pedal. Many experts have warned against buying Toyotas until the extent of the problem is better understood. Read more»
Dave Ramsey has come up with a great argument as to why a car loan is a bad idea, akin to betting on the Mets or ordering that second helping of clams casino. Here’s his case, along with reasons why a car loan can really cost you big bucks. Read more»
Buy a Car on Credit?
By: Brian O'Connell
No, it’s not sbup’s “Deals of the Week” column (that comes every Wednesday) but American Express’s offer that allows its customers to put the entire cost of a new car on their credit cards is the kind of deal that legends are made of — good and bad. Here’s the deal, and why bigger may not always mean better when it comes to card deals. Read more»
With all the rage surrounding home mortgage refinancing, the question begs to be asked: “Can I get a good rate deal on my car loan, too?” Increasingly the answer is “yes.” Here’s why, and how you can do it. When we say "do it," that means taking action now, before rates go up should the economy improve in 2010. Right now, auto rates are pretty reasonable, based on the Weekly Auto Loan Rate Tracker. Read more»
What will a new car bought today be worth in three, four or five years? No one knows for sure, as a few dings and scratches can make a big difference. But Kelley Blue Book offers free estimates, as well as an annual list of vehicles expected to hold their value best. The new list came out this week. Read more»
Slick auto salespeople will tell you that there isn’t much they can do to change the trade-in price of your old car. They say there’s a formula involved that just cannot be tampered with. Not so. You can negotiate a higher price for your trade – but only if you follow these key tips. Read more»
With the economy in the ditch, used car sales are on the rise. Read more»
Selling that 1998 Buick Skylark is an art form, and the real winners know stuff that the rest of the car-selling population doesn’t. That’s a problem, especially when the market for used cars is hot and growing hotter. According to, used car sales comprised 49.7% of all dealer sales in the U.S. in 2008 – that’s up from 47.3% for the same period in 2007. Read more»
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