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Find Out What the Stars Are Driving
By: Staff
If you're in L.A., you see celebrities driving everywhere. While their cars aren't always clean, they're almost always new, with essential accessories like black DUB-rims or DirectTV satellite.   Read more»
Auto Leasing Losing Appeal
By: Staff
By Christopher Sahl Leasing has become a way of life for many Americans.  In the early 1990s, one in 10 new cars that left the dealer lot were leased, according to By last year, the number had increased to one in five.   Read more»
10 Myths About Saving Money on Gasoline
By: Staff
By Jeffrey Strain With gasoline prices nearing record levels, many drivers are trying to adopt ways to reduce the amount of gas their car uses. That's a noble goal, but don't fall for some common myths that, in some cases, will end up costing you money. Read more»
Hydrogen Cars Closer Than They Appear
By: Staff
By Eileen Gunn/TheStreet.comREYKJAVIK -- Owning a car not powered in any way by gasoline seems about as likely as using a jet pack to fly to work. Sure, it might happen, but not anytime soon.   Read more»
Auto Loans Keep Getting Longer
By: Staff
Auto lenders refuse to put the brakes on risky loans, even as subprime mortgage lenders are skidding off the road.   Read more»
Plug the Gap in Your Auto Coverage
By: Staff
If you lease a car -- or even if you buy one and put very little money down -- you probably need a little-known type of insurance called "gap" coverage.   Read more»
Mercedes SL 550: Poised and Powerful
By: Staff
Taking a date out for a drive is something Steve McQueen might have done. In today's attention deficit-disordered times, though, dates usually require that a drive has a destination. That's not necessarily so if you're riding in the 50th anniversary edition of the Mercedes SL 550 roadster from DaimlerChrysler AG's (DCX) Mercedes-Benz division. Read more»
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