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Smart Diesel: Short, Efficient and Dirty
By: Staff
Smart's diesel-engine ForTwo gets eye-popping miles per gallon, but old technology leaves a lot to be desired.I had never been nervous about receiving a vehicle to test drive. Until now. For one, would I fit? And would it be safe? Two questions that weighed on me when I took on the task of reviewing a Brabus Smart ForTwo CDI. Read more»
How to Get Cash for Buying a Hybrid
By: Staff
Purchasing criteria set them apart from regular gas-powered vehicles.Who drives a hybrid? The list includes members of the Hollywood elite (Rob Reiner, Cameron Diaz and Danny DeVito), the who's who of Washington D.C. (Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Kerry) and regular folks across the country. Want to join them? Hybrids have their own criteria, which are crucial to know. Read more»
Full-Throttle Push for Auto Bailout
By: Staff
Senior Democrats are drafting legislation that would carve out part of the $700 billion Wall Street bailout for loans to the three major U.S. automakers.By Julie Hirschfeld Davis WASHINGTON (AP) -- The auto industry and business groups have mounted a lobbying onslaught to thwart GOP opposition to a Senate vote next week on Democrats' plan for a $25 billion emergency loan plan for U.S. carmakers. Read more»
Singapore Won't Bail Out Sands Project
By: Staff
Singapore won't bail out the casino operator if it runs out of money before finishing a $2.7 billion casino-resort in Singapore, a trade minister said.SINGAPORE (AP) -- Singapore won't bail out troubled casino operator Las Vegas Sands if it runs out of money before finishing a $2.7 billion casino-resort in Singapore, Trade Minister S. Iswaran said, a state TV channel reported. Read more»
Oil slips to $59 on global growth pessimism
By: Staff
VIENNA, Austria (AP) _ Oil prices slipped to $59 a barrel Wednesday as investors grappled with the prospect that global growth next year will slow more than originally feared, cutting demand for gasoline and other crude products.Expectations that a snapshot of the U.S. inventories will also show reduced consumption of oil and derivatives also acted as a drag on the market. Read more»
Pelosi Supports Help for Automakers
By: Staff
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi backed legislation to make the automakers eligible for help under the $700 billion bailout measure approved by Congress in October.By David Espo WASHINGTON (AP) -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for "emergency and limited financial assistance" for the battered auto industry and urged the outgoing Bush administration to join lawmakers in reaching a quick compromise. Read more»
Why Car Loan Refinancing Is a Bad Idea
By: Staff
You might think you can boost your cash flow by refinancing your car loan.  But such a move might not improve your cash flow by as much as you might think --- and it also could increase the term and overall costs of the loan. "There just aren't a lot of situations where refinancing [an auto loan] makes sense," says F. John Deyeso, a certified financial planner in New York City.   Read more»
My old minivan may have been a beater, but it just wouldn't die.  This made it hard to run out and buy a pricey new car. I would drive my 2000 Honda (HMC) Odyssey, with pride, I told myself, while chuckling at the newer cars whizzing by. The other drivers can have their fancy rides and their big monthly payments. My clunker may have been showing signs of wear, but it was costing me zero dollars a month with nothing down.   Read more»
Don't Let Your Car Lease Drive You Crazy
By: Staff
Leasing a car is typically easier on your wallet than buying.  But lessees are much more likely than buyers to be taken advantage of, for the simple reason that it's difficult to understand what you're paying for. By law, auto loan contracts must disclose the amount being financed, the interest rate and the size of monthly payments. So it's relatively easy to see if you're being billed correctly.   Read more»
It's gotten harder to get a loan, thanks in large part to the subprime mortgage crisis. Part 1 of this two-part series offered advice about how to maintain a strong credit score. Here are some other things you need to do to increase your chances of getting a mortgage, an auto loan or a home equity loan in today's credit climate.   Mortgages   Read more»
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