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NEW YORK (sbup) — It's rarely been a better time to buy a new car, considering the low loan rates out there, and some 17 million new vehicles are expected to be driven off the lot this year. What can consumers do to get in on this and come out winners? Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — Ah, to buy a new car! Everything works and the warranty has years to run. There are no dings, and the vehicle has that special smell. This might be the time to get all that. Loan rates on new cars are at the lowest in years. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — Maybe some of us shouldn't have bought new cars. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — The New York Federal Reserve shows that household debt is "essentially flat," dropping by $18 billion in the past quarter to 8.2% below a peak in the third quarter of 2008. Most household debt categories are down (including mortg Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — Car shopping used to go something like this: For three or four weekends, maybe more, you trudged from dealership to dealership, trying this model and that, listening to sales pitch after sales pitch, reconsidering your budget, coming close to a decision and then wavering ... and finally, when you just couldn’t take it any more or you fell in love, picked a car and drove it home. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — The holidays are the time of giving, and just happen to come as many people are looking for tax deductions to slip in before Jan. 1. So how about handing an old vehicle to charity? Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — Auto buyers are getting a big break these days, as the average interest rate for a new car loan has fallen to 4.27% — the lowest level in five years, according to Experian Automotive. Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup — You’re ready for a new car, have decided to buy rather than lease and now want to find the best loan. In today’s conditions, should you go from a standard car loan from a dealer or bank, or look to a home-equity or margin loan? Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — Car leasing is hot, accounting for a record 27.6% of new-car acquisitions in the second quarter, up from 17.7% three years ago, according to Experian Automotive. But what will that new vehicle be worth when the lease ends? Read more»
NEW YORK (sbup) — On a purely financial basis, leasing a car isn’t the best option. But today’s lease deals are pretty darn good — certainly worth considering if you just ache for a brand-new or high-end vehicle. Read more»
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