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  • One Gauge Measures Weak Retail Pulse
    MasterCard SpendingPulse says U.S. holiday retail sales rose just 3.6%, below expectations.

  • Target Offers Holiday Gloom
    The retailer says December sales have fallen far short of forecasts.

  • Hitachi, Canon, Matsushita Form LCD Alliance
    The companies want to pool resources to navigate increasing competition in the flat-panel industry.

  • Berkshire to Buy 60% of Marmon
    Warren Buffett's company will pay $4.5 billion for a stake in the private industrial conglomerate.

  • Toyota Expects Sales to Rise 5% in 2008
    The automaker also estimates 6% sales growth for 2007, a figure that could put it ahead of rival GM.

Today's CD Rates Across the USA

Best CD Rates for Largest Metro Areas

City Term Rate
San Francisco 6 Months 7.00%
Dallas 60 Months 5.74%
Houston 60 Months 5.74%
Boston 60 Months 5.61%
Miami 60 Months 5.61%
Los Angeles 60 Months 5.61%
Chicago 60 Months 5.61%
Washington 60 Months 5.60%
New York 36 Months 5.30%
Atlanta 6 Months 5.25%
Detroit 48 Months 5.25%
Philadelphia 60 Months 5.15%

Best CD Rates For Most Populated States

State Term Rate
Michigan 12 Months 10.47%
California 12 Months 7.00%
Indiana 12 Months 6.00%
Washington 60 Months 5.75%
Texas 60 Months 5.74%
Florida 60 Months 5.61%
Illinois 60 Months 5.61%
Ohio 60 Months 5.61%
North Carolina 60 Months 5.61%
New York 3 Months 5.60%
Pennsylvania 60 Months 5.33%
New Jersey 60 Months 5.33%