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  • How to Get Uncle Sam's Help With Student Loans
    Instead of paying off your student loans, you can work them off with the government's help. While most people know that the government offers various types of student loans,...
  • Six Birthdays You'll Either Love or Hate
    When we're young there's always a birthday to look forward to, whether it's getting a drivers license at 16 or being able to buy a drink at 21. But there...
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    As a former Enron shareholder, I'm not expecting a huge windfall from a pending class-action suit against the company. But I intend to claim every last cent of the...
  • Three Places to Find Decent Yields
    With short-term interest rates coming down, it's getting tougher and tougher for income investors to find a decent yield. Where can you go? Here are three ideas.
  • 10 Commandments of Personal Finance
    For some people, getting personal finances in order is more grueling than wandering the desert for 40 years.

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US Business News

  • Yahoo! Running to Rupert?
    The company is reportedly in talks with News Corp. to help avoid a Microsoft takeover.

  • Morgan Stanley Cuts Mortgage Jobs
    The brokerage cited deterioration in the housing market for it's 1,000 layoffs.

  • Genzyme Meets Views, Sees Strong Revenue
    The company swings to a profit after a big year-earlier loss.

  • New York Probes UnitedHealth
    The insurer's shares slide as the state's attorney general looks at reimbursement practices.

  • Genentech: Avastin Breast Cancer Study Meets Goal
    The data comes just ahead of a key FDA ruling on the drug.

Today's CD Rates Across the USA

Best CD Rates for Largest Metro Areas

City Term Rate
San Francisco 6 Months 7.00%
Dallas 60 Months 5.50%
Houston 60 Months 5.50%
Boston 60 Months 5.23%
Washington 60 Months 5.20%
Chicago 48 Months 5.05%
Los Angeles 7 Months 5.00%
Atlanta 36 Months 5.00%
Miami 60 Months 4.84%
Philadelphia 60 Months 4.75%
New York 3 Months 4.50%
Detroit 48 Months 4.50%

Best CD Rates For Most Populated States

State Term Rate
Michigan 12 Months 10.47%
California 12 Months 7.00%
Ohio 72 Months 6.00%
New York 24 Months 5.50%
Texas 60 Months 5.50%
Washington 60 Months 5.39%
Indiana 60 Months 5.30%
Illinois 12 Months 5.25%
North Carolina 5 Months 5.13%
New Jersey 60 Months 5.06%
Florida 48 Months 5.02%
Pennsylvania 60 Months 5.00%