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  • To Get a Loan, You'll Need More Than Great Credit
    It's gotten harder to get a loan, thanks in large part to the subprime mortgage crisis. Part 1 of this two-part series offered advice about how to maintain a strong...
  • Don't Let Your Hobby Hobble Your Budget
    The way you spend your idle time shouldn't put you on the road to the poorhouse. In fact, hobbies sometimes can bring in a little cash. The key...
  • Being Disorganized Is Costing You Money
    While organization may not be at the top of your mind when it comes to personal finances, a lack of it could have a direct impact on your wallet.
  • Have a Balanced Diet and a Balanced Budget
    You might think there's no room for a healthy lifestyle in your budget. If that's the case, maybe mull over what it costs to eat a fat-laden restaurant meal,...
  • Credit Cards for the Well-Heeled
    Tom Pallack, a retired software company CEO, decided he wanted an American Express Centurion credit card when he was at the Sundance Film Festival a few years ago. Because...

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US Business News

  • Outlook Dims on Credit
    Consumer spending woes are hitting credit card companies like American Express, analysts say.

  • E*Trade to Sell Unit
    The struggling online brokerage expects $80 million for its wealth management arm.

  • Yahoo! Shoots Down Microsoft
    The search giant says the $31-a-share bid 'substantially undervalues' the company.

  • Reports: Yahoo! to Reject Microsoft Offer
    Yahoo!'s board decides the bid undervalues Yahoo!, The Wall Street Journal reports.

  • FDA Eyes Safety of Allergan's Botox
    The agency is primarily looking at the off-label use of the wrinkle reducer in children.

Today's CD Rates Across the USA

Best CD Rates for Largest Metro Areas

City Term Rate
San Francisco 6 Months 7.00%
Dallas 60 Months 5.50%
Houston 60 Months 5.50%
Boston 60 Months 5.23%
Washington 60 Months 5.20%
Chicago 60 Months 5.20%
Los Angeles 7 Months 5.00%
Atlanta 36 Months 5.00%
Miami 60 Months 4.84%
Detroit 48 Months 4.78%
Philadelphia 36 Months 4.76%
New York 12 Months 4.50%

Best CD Rates For Most Populated States

State Term Rate
Michigan 8 Months 8.00%
California 6 Months 7.00%
Ohio 72 Months 6.00%
New York 24 Months 5.50%
Texas 60 Months 5.50%
Florida 60 Months 5.43%
Washington 60 Months 5.39%
Indiana 36 Months 5.30%
Illinois 48 Months 5.25%
North Carolina 5 Months 5.13%
New Jersey 60 Months 5.06%
Pennsylvania 60 Months 5.01%