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  • Investors Pull Money From U.S. Stock Funds, ETFs
    Investors pulled their dollars out of mutual funds over the past week, apparently fearful about the state of the economy. Stock funds saw a $580 million walk out the...
  • No Prenup? Take These Steps
    Turn up the lights, turn down the music and forget about romance. It's time to face the business side of marriage.
  • 'Payday' Lenders Don't Pay
    Payday loans tempt consumers with a little extra cash before their next paycheck arrives, but with average interest rates that exceed 400%, it's difficult to call them anything other than...
  • Think of Memories as Part of Your Nest Egg
    I'm through fielding advice about how much I should be saving. I know, I know. Skipping things like daily lattes could help pad my retirement savings. What I...
  • Exchange-Traded Notes' Tax Perks Under Attack
    Exchange-traded notes have been marketed as a tax-efficient way to invest in currencies and other hard-to-reach asset classes. But their tax treatment has suddenly changed from a selling point...

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  • Target's Longtime Chief to Depart
    President Gregg Steinhafel will replace Bob Ulrich.

  • Big Retail Warnings Begin
    Men's Wearhouse, American Eagle and Hot Topic each slash profit targets.

  • British Air Unveils New Service
    A subsidiary airline will fly between the U.S. and the European Union, while bypassing Britain.

  • Report: Bear Shutters Third Hedge Fund
    New CEO Alan Schwartz is saddled with another hit to the subprime-rocked firm.

  • Biotech Notebook: ImClone, Genentech, Amylin
    ImClone looks even more undervalued than it did three months ago.

Today's CD Rates Across the USA

Best CD Rates for Largest Metro Areas

City Term Rate
San Francisco 6 Months 7.00%
Atlanta 60 Months 5.97%
Chicago 7 Months 5.67%
Washington 60 Months 5.40%
Houston 60 Months 5.39%
Dallas 60 Months 5.39%
Miami 60 Months 5.35%
Detroit 48 Months 5.25%
Boston 60 Months 5.23%
Philadelphia 60 Months 5.15%
New York 7 Months 5.10%
Los Angeles 6 Months 5.10%

Best CD Rates For Most Populated States

State Term Rate
Michigan 12 Months 10.47%
California 12 Months 7.00%
Indiana 12 Months 6.00%
Washington 60 Months 5.75%
Illinois 7 Months 5.67%
Ohio 7 Months 5.67%
Pennsylvania 7 Months 5.67%
Texas 7 Months 5.67%
Florida 9 Months 5.50%
New York 24 Months 5.50%
North Carolina 15 Months 5.43%
New Jersey 18 Months 5.12%