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sbup calculates seven different indices, all updated daily.

The Mega 250 Index is an average of CD rates issued by the largest 250 financial institutions that we track.

Our Composite Index is an average of all CD rates in our database. This includes the largest 250 institutions plus thousands of other institutions.

Each Regional Index is a subgroup of the Composite Index.

For a detailed explanation of the indices, including a listing of which states are within each Region, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions

Indices Disclaimer

The rate shown is an actual, current CD rate. Showing you this rate gives you a benchmark to compare CD rates with other investment options. We suggest you review the sbup Rate Indices for a better idea of average CD rates in your area.

To further evaluate the CD market, we encourage you to review the highest CD interest rates in your immediate area by entering your Zip code in the search tool on our home page.

"America's Highest CD Rate" may or may not show up in any of the local rate searches you conduct, depending on numerous factors. Read more about why in our Frequently Asked Questions.