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Using a Health Savings Account to Build Retirement Savings
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Using a Health Savings Account to Build Retirement Savings by Wiley P Long

 Health Savings Accounts are an excellent way to build a second retirement account.  These tax-favored accounts, which have only been available since January of 2004, can be opened by anyone with a qualifying high-deductible health insurance plan.  Once you open an HSA account, you can place tax-deductible contributions into it, which grow tax-deferred like an IRA.  You may withdraw money tax-free to pay for medical expenses at any time.

The Real Casualties of Subprime Lending
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The Real Casualties of Subprime Lending by Dave Dinkel

 Subprime lending has recently caused over 40 lenders to either go out of business or stop issuing subprime loans because of excessive foreclosure rates.  The lending community made decisions in the last few years that dramatically eased a borrower’s qualifications with a resultant dramatic increase in foreclosures. 


How to Make Your Money Grow Faster
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How to Make Your Money Grow Faster by Wain Roy

 Only if fairy tales were real and genies could make stones turn into gold, would there be any need for savings? No, right? So in the real world if one is to enhance one’s money, he must save. And here the rule goes—the sooner the better! Create a savings account early in life to get the highest benefits. We all know that savings and investments are the building blocks to a person’s financial security and fund management.


8 Personal Banking Don'ts
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Article by: Kenneth Kelly

Presumably the object of having a bank account is to save you money, or at least to help you more easily and properly manage it. But there are also several ways in which your use (or misuse, as the case may be) of your personal banking account could lose you money. Below you'll find out how to avoid the eight most common blunders when it comes to personal banking.

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